A truly open platform which combine cutting edge technologies and a superior intelligence.

All in one place!

A single IP infrastructure to provide advanced WEB based services for hotel management and guests.


Forget the complexity.

The solution developed by Tecnovox, through the TH4 module, allows you to realize safe, reliable and efficient buldings that are even productive and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, the IP protocol, as unique communication standard, allows you to provide any type of WEB based services, accessible from any device and from any hotel’s area.

Last, the platform’s architecture is open to allow easy integrations to third parties technologies and systems. 

Single management_platform_scheme

TH4 - Room Controller

This module guarantees the maximum level of comfort for the customer and maximum energy savings for the hotel, thanks to the programmable logic and the control of the room equipment. It also manages the accesses and communicates the states of the room in real time and is equipped with a series of totally configurable inputs / outputs.

It is supported by slave accessory modules (actuators, fancoil interfaces, smart hubs etc.) and is equipped with ethernet TPC / IP connection, wi-fi connectivity and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

This feature allows the use of your mobile device as a guest “card”, freeing the guest from using the classic card.

The TCP / IP connectivity allows to relocate part of the structure, controlling it as if it were physically connected to the structure. It can also be installed in a stand-alone version (DIN rail 4 modules), and can be integrated directly with the main online booking systems (, Airbnb etc.).

Main characteristics

  • Architecture ARMv6
  • Wiegands 2x Readers, configurable 26-40 bit
  • Electric Contacts 3x configurable NO/NC 5A
  • Relay Outputs 2x configurable NO/NC Max 6A @ 50VAC / 6A @120VDC
  • Expansions 3x external relay drivers, 1x UART, 1x USB, 1x I2C
  • LAN Ethernet 802.3
  • WiFi WiFi 802.11n
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2

An example of architecture

Using the IP network as back-bone, the TH4 module allows the use of existing network infrastructures, to minimize the installation phases. 

All actions take place in real time using the speed of the communication bus.

The architecture and technology of the system allow local operation even in the event of interruption of the network service. Once the same is restored, the system will synchronize automatically again.


Third parties Integrations

Online and standalone electronic lock access control systems.

TH4 integrates with the main access control systems and electronic locks, whether online or offline. Native integrations and integration at the server or room level are therefore possible. In any scenario, the TH4 module provides a complete exchange of all the necessary data for a perfect integration.

Building control systems.

In the presence of BMS systems, TH4 becomes an integral part of the building control system, transferring all the requested data and exposing them according to all commercial standards (TCP / IP, Bacnet, etc.)

VRV / VRF climate control systems.

TH4 can communicate directly with remote climate control systems even without passing through a building supervision system, thus integrating with the major system manufacturers (Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Samsung, etc.), through standard protocols to accessory gateways (TCP / IP, Bacnet, Lonworks, etc)

Solution highlights


Reception functionalities

  • Room Management functions, available at the reception and on mobile devices for floor personnel
  • Integration with third party PMS (Opera, Fidelio) and booking systems (, Airbnb, etc.)
  • Network management: security, traffic monitoring, smart bandwidth management
  • Virtual check-in
  • Remotely accessed, multi-tenant and multi user

Common areas and building

  • Open for integration with third party reservation systems (SPAs, restaurants, recreational activities, etc.)
  • Design and management of conference rooms and auditoriums
  • Management of external visitors and guests
  • Integration with marketing and digital signage platforms
  • Indoor localization: personnel geo-fencing, guests indications, safety instructions, etc.
  • Energy monitoring and control
  • Simplified BMS solution and integration with professional third party BMSes
  • Voice over IP PBX
  • Integration with CCTV and access control
  • Management of multiple buildings/premises

Facility Management

Solution dedicated to maintenance and management of production equipment

  • Management of the factory layout and equipment positions
  • Inventory management of equipments and relationship between them
  • Management of scheduled maintenance plans
  • Management of requests for intervention
  • Management of expiration date log book
  • Management of Job Order
  • Management of Daily Activity Report
  • Integration with Remote Control System

Facility Management

Solution to fully manage the inventory of production equipments, according to specific classes and attributes.

  • Goods Inventory
  • Equipment manual
  • Asset position and relations
  • Activity LogBook
  • Contracts

Room functionalities

  • Smart access control (badge, smartphone, biometric readers, etc.)
  • Replace card holder to manage room presence
  • Room management through smartphone, tablet or touch panel
  • Enhanced phone services (VoIP)
  • Audio/Video integration
  • Personal audio/video playback
  • Infotainment on TV and tablet, both informative and interactive (e.g. reservations)
  • Integrated with IPTV and local media solutions
  • Office services
  • Virtual concierge with vocal conversational interface
  • Environment sensors for quality certifications
  • Integration with smart sensors (safety, comfort, …)


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